Why should you care about Gramin Express?

So you have a shiny Garmin device and you like sharing your rides, runs or any other activities on Strava. You might run into the following problems:

* Even Garmin is confused whether these devices are suported or not, see here and here.

If you want something that simply works with your device, Gramin Express for the rescue. Here is how it works:

Gramin Express screenshot

Download and install

Mac OS X

The last three steps are only necessary when running Gramin Express the first time.


Gramin Express was tested on Ubuntu 17.10. It might not work on other distributions.


If you are interested in Windows support buy me beers.

Source code

Gramin Express is an open source project. Fork it on GitHub.


Use at your own risk. It might destroy the Earth. Or better don’t use it.